Explaining Trump to Children and the Left – The best way to explain Trump to liberal friends

Explaining Trump to Children and the Left is available here on Amazon.com

“Mommy, daddy, why do they want to put in jail the president who made four Middle East peace deals, was nominated for three Nobel Prizes, made peace with North Korea, and prevented war with Russia?”

You’re not going to be able to hold onto this book. Your friends are going to come over, see it sitting on your coffee table, and borrow it to give to their kids or liberal friends. You’re going to give it to your kids, whether teenagers or going off to college, and need more copies to gift to your liberal friends and family who don’t understand Trump, so you can finally share some common ground. Your conservative family members are going to want it to give to their friends. Take this book anywhere; the gym, doctor’s office, or just riding the bus, and it’s a conversation-starter, with good reason.

Conservatives say, “This is pure gold and I need three copies!!”
Liberals say, “Wow!” and “I finally understand why people love Trump”

The writing of this book is unbelievably warm and adorable. Author Daniel Ben Abraham does the impossible, and artfully presents one of America’s most controversial disputes lovingly simplified, to actually build a bridge and connect around understanding Trump and his true values.

If you love Trump, please enjoy this book with your family, among the 74+ million people who voted for and adore this historic president. I wrote this for you, to be able to share precious time with your children, teach our beautiful values and history, and answer them when they ask, “Daddy, Mommy, why do some love Trump so much and others don’t?”

For our dear friends who may not be his biggest fans, thank you also. I am deeply moved by your generous, open-minded curiosity to hear opposing ideas. You may at least want to understand how your American brothers and sisters see Trump. At least see what the media prevented you from seeing for years.If I can paint a picture of why intelligent and moral people love Trump that his opponents can understand, even if you disagree, I have built a bridge; adorably-snarky cute title and all.

A truly beautifully-written book with over 70 color photos that is changing hearts and minds with a perspective many have never seen before.

Get it now before it’s banned.

Explaining Trump to Children and the Left